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Our expertise

The terroir is essential in order to produce quality wines. Our wines reflect the soils where they were born.

Each wine we produce is unique because each plot of vines is vinified separately, to respect each grape variety and soil.

Our wines are vinified in traditional underground vats, covered with glass tiles. A long ageing ensure delicacy, elegance and aromatic complexity.

We remain convinced that it is with a quality grape we can produce a high quality wine. 

This is essential to take care of the wines in the cellar throughout the year to maintain a strong quality and traceability of our wines.

We have joined the Vignerons Indépendants charter since several years now, given that we produce and vinify the grapes, and we sell ours wines directly to the customers. This is an assurance of the traceability and the quality of our products.

Thence, our wines are regularly awarded during National Contests (Vignerons Indépendants, Vinalies, Concours Général Agricole, etc.), thanks to the anteriority and the expertise why the winery is renowned today.